Friday, October 1, 2010

Bus Boo is this weekend...

For those of you who don't know, I own a 1968 VW Campmobile.  I bought it in 1991 just after graduating from High School.  Through the years I've worked on restoring it.  In my case, I'm just keeping it running.  It is a solid Bus and one of the few things that I own that I truly love.  Several years ago, my friend Erik and I were heading up to Baldwin, MI to a friends cabin for guys weekend (usually involves a camp fire, beer, food and sleep).  On the way there, we were near Rockford, MI when my tire blew out.  The Van Van swerved hard to the left and luckily there were no cars in that lane.  I regained control of the Van Van and pulled over to the shoulder.  Not surprisingly, I didn't have a jack or an inflated spare tire.  So, I called my Dad to come and save me.

While we waited, a guy pulled up behind my bus and got out to talk and offer assistance.  His name was Brien Dews.  He offered me the jack he had in his work van and whatever else he could do for assistance.  I remember him saying, "Whenever I see a bus on the side of the road, I'll stop and help."  Brien told me about a group of VW Bus lovers that he had started called Buses By the Beach and told me to check out their website at  My Dad was on his way with everything I needed for repair so I thanked Brien he went on his way.

Brien had left his jack with me, so I made sure to bring it back to him the following week.  I stopped at his shop, All Good Time Clock Service to drop it off.  I was amazed by the work that Brien does.  He gave me a tour of the shop and showed me a bus that he had been working on.  Next to the bus I noticed a few kegs and some brewing equipment.  Brien told me that he brewed his own beer and that he usually does a tasting at a bus outing that he does in the spring.  I knew immediately that I had to check it out.

I attended my first Bus Benefit in the Spring of 2007 to raise money for the Phoenix Society.  It was a great weekend of family fun, good music, good people and good beer.  I've attended the Bus Benefit every Spring since.  My boys love camping in the Van Van and always look forward to camping with Buses By the Beach.

Tomorrow, we'll be attending our first Bus Boo with BBTB.  It is a Halloween themed campout with trick or treating, a chili cook off and costume contests.  They even decorate the buses.  Nolan, my middle son, asked me this morning if the music was going to be there.  At Bus Benefit this year, Nolan loved watching the live bands and staying up late.  I had to tell him that there might not be music this time, but he'll get to trick or treat instead.  He got a big smile on his face and said "OK!".

I'll have lots of pictures to share next week.  Talk to you soon!