Saturday, June 29, 2013

Battling Daylight

I've been battling daylight.  My nemesis darts through this cloudy, dark summer sky with the ease of a great bald eagle riding an updraft.  The battle has been long and arduous.  VAN VAN, a white 1968 VW Campmobile, has been our chariot in this day of war.  Harassingly, we rumbled down the small winding roads of Barry and Kent county, teasing the lazy bovine and swine who wallow in their own filth, avoiding the suns torment.  My farmer tanned skin is oily and tight, permeated with the stench of burning birch wood and sunburn.  My hands hold the memory of the dozen small blue gills I released from my sons’ sharp, golden hooks. The taste of charred turkey franks and pickle relish lingers in the back of my mouth, holding on like a cocklebur.  I've been battling daylight, and I lassoed its ass and hog tied it with love. I've been battling daylight and now I sit here, with my shirt off, sipping on the Rampant Imperial IPA that is pooled in my pint glass, dripping with humid perspiration, resting nervously in my slippery, wet hand.  It trembles at the pace in which it enters my dry, thirsty mouth.  I’m worn and tattered from 3 relentlessly conspiring young men who are all but an image of their Father.  I've battled daylight, and those three boisterous, young men fought hard and will remember this battle and tell the story.  We battled daylight and made the most of this cool, rainy, summer day in the mitten and we’ll never forget how we conquered it.  #Summer #PureMichigan #BattlingDaylight