Friday, July 16, 2010

Tour De France 2010

I have been trying to follow the TDF this year. So far, Lance has given up and there have been some good rivalries. I am pulling for Andy Schleck and I hope that Levi can pull up to the 3rd spot for The Shack. It is sad for me to watch knowing that this is Lance's last tour. The official end of an era. I'm sure he'll still keep riding and I hope to see him win the Leadville 100 in person some day.

I have a very limited TV Channel lineup and it doesn't include the Versus channel. So, at lunch time, I head over to the Excercise room at work and ride a stationary bike while watching the tour on one of the many TVs there. It is actually quite fun riding while watching others race on the TV. I find that during the last 20 KM I tend to ride faster as I anticipate who will win the stage. It's a great workout.

Has anyone else been keeping up on the tour?

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