Thursday, September 23, 2010

And on it goes...

After some soul searching and number crunching, I decided to drop the price of my house to the amount that a buyer had offered.  This was a day after I had said no to that same offer.  It took a lot of justification to make me do it.  I can handle living in a two bedroom apartment for a while to make up the difference.  So with high hopes, I've been waiting to hear back from the prospective buyer.  It has been the longest two days I can remember.

Finally, today, we got the news.  They decided that their offer was too high and the price had to be an additional $2,000 lower.  $2,000!  At this point I feel like we are fighting over pennies and I'm starting to get pissed off.  Not only that, but in a week or two or even a month from now, if they came back and accepted, I may not sell it to them on principal.  I hate dickering, but I hate assholes even more.  You, buyer, are an asshole.

After spending the last two days preparing myself to spend the next six months in an apartment, I'm now preparing to spend the next 5 years trying to sell my house.  Maybe come Spring time the market will have changed and things will start moving again.  Until then, we'll keep loving our lives and planning our next step.  Keep praying and we'll see what happens.  It all happens in God's time.

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